DLMS – the data highway for meter data

The demands made on energy meter data have increased in proportion to the various participants and directives for data collection and transmission in the liberalised energy market. For the first time ever an internationally standardised meter language is available with the DLMS/COSEM Meter Protocol (visit the DLMS User Association website for details at www.dlms.com), it guarantees inter-operability and data compliance between meters and systems from different manufacturers.

EuroDCS invites all developers, manufacturers and meter operators (energy utilities, test centers) to purchase the DLMS Compliance Test Tool which is developed by the DLMS User Association. It is used to test the functionality and correlation of the meter’s features for compliance with the DLMS/COSEM Standard and to confirm it officially. The test provides a report about the meter functions and their compliance with the DLMS Standard. The DLMS User Association issues a certificate and a test symbol to be affixed to the meter.

Registered users can download current OBIS tables by accessing, with its own credential, to the CTT download area. Details of list contents are located under http://dlms.com (CONFORMANCE – LIST OF OBIS CODES).

The Development Test Tool version (DTT) includes the “log module”. Such module allows the creation of a log file,where are reported all the error messages generated by the CTT during the device testing. Such detailed information are the essential base for an efficient DLMS device development.

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